There is a shift in the way people consume wellness…

It’s out in the open! There is a shift in the way people consume wellness – it was once a luxury, but now it is being infused into everyday life. There is a good reason for this – stress levels in everyday life are ever present and depending on the news of the day, can increase. There are a number of factors, mainly influenced by mainstream media and happenings in the global news arena that is contributing to an increase of stress levels on a daily basis, and this is where our industry comes in.

Wellness is everywhere around us, from the yoga classes you see advertised everywhere to many spas doing wellness checkups. Wellness and spa are becoming even more fused together than before, and the lines are being blurred – where one stops and one starts.

Wellness tourism is already well-known but nowadays the trend is shifting into the everyday rhythm of people’s lives. Companies are starting to implement workplace wellness programmes to bring down stress levels, and therefore the number of employee sick days.

To illustrate the growth of the wellness economy, the Global Wellness Institute ( has brought out latest wellness economy numbers:


Wellness is a part of everyday life already and people are seeking for it constantly, and not just at the spas but at home and the workplace.

Liis Just

Programme Director