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Why Study in English at Tartu University Parnu College?

With Tartu University offering the most English taught courses in Estonia it is no wonder that hundreds of international students flock each year to the country’s oldest university. With low living costs and scholarships available for the strongest candidates, an international Master’s program in Estonia is an affordable asset to your CV.

But is it beneficial to study in English?

One of the most important features of our Spa and Wellness MA is its ability to attract students from all over the world. By using English as the language of tuition we have attracted students from Germany, Nigeria, Russia, Belgium and of course Estonia. We believe that such a rich combination of cultures generates new ideas and an energetic learning environment. More importantly, the use of English throughout the program gives students the opportunity to improve writing, research and communication skills.

In addition to this, the use of academic English during the program also means that all publishable work produced can be submitted to international journals. Therefore your academic research in English will reach a greater audience and your knowledge further adds to the field of Spa and Wellness research.

How will studying abroad impact my employability?

Studying abroad will not only be a culturally rich studying experience but an opportunity for you to experience an international work and study culture. The Spa and Wellness MA program offers you the chance to do an internship or work placement in Estonia so you can experience working, living and studying in a new country. Your future employers will look positively upon international experience gained in Estonia as it demonstrates originality and confidence to move to a new country. Furthermore, throughout studies abroad your fellow students will inspire a multicultural approach to problem solving and group work. Working within groups of international students quickly creates a melting pot of ideas as each person brings their own educational background to the table.

Is it possible to maintain an active social life while studying in Parnu?

Yes! Although your main priority is to study, don’t neglect vast sporting, travelling and nightlife opportunities in Parnu. Being the beach capital of Estonia there are multiple cultural activities on offer for tourists as well as an abundance of spa and wellness centers. What’s more, you can enjoy an easy pace of life in the safe city of Parnu with fellow international students.

Another attractive element of studying at Tartu University Parnu College is the low tuition fees (3,00EUR) and relatively low living costs in Estonia when compared to nearby countries such as Finland and Sweden. Therefore any additional funds can be well spent on exploring your new surroundings with trips through the Baltic States with your new international friends!
Check out this link http://www.ut.ee/en/admissions/scholarship-information-all-levels for information about receiving the scholarship for our top applicants.

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